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Number 1

11-147 GEO 2004 Conference Abstracts
7-10 March 2004, Bahrain

153-194 Barremian-lower Aptian Qishn Formation, Haushi-Huqf area, Oman: a new outcrop analogue for the Kharaib/Shu’aiba reservoirs
Adrian Immenhauser, Heiko Hillgärtner, Ute Sattler, Giovanni Bertotti, Pascal Schoepfer, Peter Homewood, Volker Vahrenkamp, Thomas Steuber, Jean-Pierre Masse, Henk Droste, José Taal-van Koppen, Bram van der Kooij, Elisabeth van Bentum, Klaas Verwer, Eilard Hoogerduijn Strating, Wim Swinkels, Jeroen Peters, Ina Immenhauser-Potthast and Salim Al Maskery
(with 1 poster)

199-214 Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy
Peter R. Sharland, David M. Casey, Roger B. Davies, Micheal D. Simmons and Owen E. Sutcliffe

(with 2 posters) -

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Number 2

11-36 Genesis and characterization of dolomite, Arab-D Reservoir, Ghawar field, Saudi Arabia
David Cantrell, Peter Swart and Royal Hagerty

41-58 Eoalpine (Cretaceous) evolution of the Oman Tethyan continental margin: insights from a structural field study in Jabal Akhdar (Oman Mountains)
Jean-Paul Breton, François Béchennec, Joël Le Métour, Laure Moen-Maurel and Philippe Razin
(with 2 Fold-outs)

63-76 Fault characterization by seismic attributes and geomechanics in a Thamama oil field, UAE
Yoshihiko Tamura, Futoshi Tsuneyama, Hitoshi Okamura and Keiichi Furuya

81-132 Stratigraphic architecture of the northern Oman continental margin - Mesozoic Hamrat Duru Group Hawasina complex, Oman
Ingo Blechschmidt, Paulian Dumitrica, Albert Matter, Leopold Krystyn and Tjerk Peters
(note: download files breaks into 3 parts)

137-160 Sedimentary architecture of Upper Ordovician tunnel valleys, Gargaf Arch, Libya: Implications for the genesis of a hydrocarbon reservoir
Daniel Le Heron, Owen Sutcliffe, Khalid Bourgig, Jonathan Craig, Claudio Visentin and Robert Whittington

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Number 3

11-46 Albian sea-level cycles in Oman: the 'Rosetta Stone' approach
Adrian Immenhauser and Robley K. Matthews

51-74 Petroleum reserves and undiscovered resources in the total petroleum systems of Iraq: reserve growth and production implications
Mahendra K. Verma, Thomas S. Ahlbrandt and Mohammad Al-Gailani

79-114 Middle to Upper Jurassic Saudi Arabian carbonate petroleum reservoirs: biostratigraphy, micropalaeontology and palaeoenvironments
Geraint Wyn ap Gwilym Hughes

119-136 The Sahmah Formation of Oman: exploration implications for the Rub' Al-Khali basin
Nick B. Svendsen

(with 2 Fold-out)

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Number 4

11-36 Sedimentology and play potential of the late Neoproterozoic Buah Carbonates of Oman
Andrea Cozzi and Hisham A. Al-Siyabi

41-72 Petroleum generation and migration in the Mesopotamian Basin and Zagros Fold Belt of Iraq: results from a basin-modeling study
Janet K. Pitman, Douglas Steinshouer, and Michael D. Lewan

77-102 Heavy minerals in the Wajid Sandstone from Abha-Khamis Mushayt area, southwestern Saudi Arabia: implications on provenance and regional tectonic setting
Mahbub Hussain, Lameed O. Babalola and Mustafa M. Hariri

107-138 Impact of basin evolution, depositional environment, pore water evolution and diagenesis on reservoir-quality of Lower Paleozoic Haima Supergroup sandstones, Sultanate of Oman
Karl Ramseyer, Joachim E. Amthor, Christoph Spötl, Jos M.J. Terken, Albert Matter, Marietta Vroon-Ten Hove and Jean R.F. Borgomano

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