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Number 1

17-44 Five buried crater structures imaged on reflection seismic data in Saudi Arabia
Allen S. Neville, Douglas J. Cook, Abdulkader M. Afifi and Simon A. Stewart

49-80 Modeling of the Dammam outcrop fractures: Case study for fracture development in salt-cored structures
Mohammed Al-Fahmi, Michele L. Cooke and John C. Cole

85-112 Gravity anomalies of the United Arab Emirates: Implications for basement structures and infra-Cambrian salt distribution
Mohammed Y. Ali, Anthony B. Watts and Asam Farid

117-140 Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of Eocene oil shales from central Jordan
Mohammad Alqudah, Mohammad Ali Hussein, Olaf G. Podlaha,
Sander van den Boorn, Sadat Kolonic and Jörg Mutterlose

143-158 Ichnofabrics of Eocene oil shales from central Jordan and their use for paleoenvironmental reconstructions
Mohammad Ali Hussein, Mohammad Alqudah, Olaf G. Podlaha,
Sander van den Boorn, Sadat Kolonic and Jörg Mutterlose

161-180 A refined foraminiferal biostratigraphy for the Late Campanian–Early Maastrichtian succession of northeast Iraq
Rawand B.N. Jaff, Mark Williams, Ian P. Wilkinson, Fadhil Lawa, Sarah Lee
and Jan Zalasiewicz

183-186 LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Khuff Sequence Stratigraphy
Christian Strohmenger

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Number 2

17-48 Origin of gypsiferous intrusions in the Hawasina Window, Oman Mountains: Implications from structural and gravity investigations
Mohammed Y. Ali, David J.W. Cooper, Michael P. Searle and Ali Al-Lazki

53-84 Characterizing and modeling the Upper Jurassic Arab-D reservoir using outcrop data from Central Saudi Arabia
Hassan Eltom, Osman Abdullatif, Mohammed Makkawi and Asaad Abdulraziq

89-102 Sequence stratigraphy of the Late Cretaceous–Paleocene Gurpi Formation in southwest Iran
Bijan Beiranvand, Ebrahim Ghasemi-Nejad, Mohammad Reza Kamali and Akram Ahmadi

107-132 EDIACARAN–CAMBRIAN MIDDLE EAST GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE 2014: Proposed correlation of Oman’s Abu Mahara Supergroup and Saudi Arabia’s Jibalah Group
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini

135-174 Tectonics of the Musandam Peninsula and northern Oman Mountains: From ophiolite obduction to continental collision
Michael P. Searle, Alan G. Cherry, Mohammed Y. Ali and David J.W. Cooper

177-192 Carbonate reservoir characteristics and porosity distribution in Souedih Oilfield, northeast Syria
Amer Ghabra, Dominic Tatum, Andy Gardiner and Dorrik Stow

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Number 3

17-76 Neoproterozoic microbialites in outcrops of the Qarn Alam salt dome, central Oman
Monique Mettraux, Peter Homewood, Said Al Balushi, Marcelle Marques Erthal and Nilo Siguehiko Matsuda

81-134 Cambrian stratigraphy of Jordan
John H. Powell, Abdulkader M. Abed and Yves-Michel Le Nindre

139-162 Eocene oil shales from Jordan - their petrography, carbon and oxygen stable isotopes
Mohammad Ali Hussein, Mohammad Alqudah, Sander van den Boorn,
Sadat Kolonic, Olaf G. Podlaha and Jörg Mutterlose

165-184 Midyan Peninsula, northern Red Sea, Saudi Arabia: Seismic imaging and regional interpretation
Robert E. Tubbs Jr., Hussein G. Aly Fouda, Abdulkader M. Afifi,
Nickolas S. Raterman, Geraint W. Hughes and Yousuf K. Fadolalkarem

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Number 4

17-54 Shallow burial dolomitization of an Eocene carbonate platform, southeast Zagros Basin, Iran
Afshin Zohdi, Seyed Ali Moallemi, Reza Moussavi-Harami, Asadollah Mahboubi, Detlev K. Richter, Anna Geske, Abbas A. Nickandish and Adrian Immenhauser

59-108 Micropalaeontology and palaeoenvironments of the Miocene Wadi Waqb carbonate of the northern Saudi Arabian Red Sea
G. Wyn Hughes

113-140 Open versus closed mesogenetic systems in Cretaceous fluvial and tidal sandstones, Sirt Basin, Libya
Muftah Khalifa and Marta Gasparrini

145-182 Lithofacies, diagenesis and reservoir quality of Upper Shu’aiba reservoirs in northwestern Oman
Naima Al Habsi, Mohammed Al Shukaili, Sabah Al Tooqi, Stephen N. Ehrenberg and Michaela Bernecker

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