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Number 1

Antarctica´s glacio-eustatic signature in the Aptian and late Miocene– Holocene: Implications for what drives sequence stratigraphy

Moujahed I. Al-Husseini

57-92 Late Permian to Late Jurassic "microproblematica" of Saudi Arabia: Possible palaeobiological assignments and roles in the palaeoenviromental reconstructions
Geraint Wyn Hughes

97-134 Advances in Arabian stratigraphy: Comparative studies of glaciogenic Juwayl and lower Unayzah strata (Carboniferous–Permian) of Saudi Arabia
John Melvin and Arthur Kent Norton

139-174 Sedimentological characterization of the mid-Cretaceous Mishrif reservoir in southern Mesopotamian Basin, Iraq
Thamer A. Mahdi, Adnan A.M. Aqrawi, Andrew D. Horbury and Govand H. Sherwani

179-200 The Upper Jurassic–Cretaceous petroleum system of southern Iraq: A 3-D basin modelling study
Qusay Abeed, Ralf Littke, Frank Strozyk and Anna K. Uffmann

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Number 2

17-62 Middle Permian (Guadalupian) fusulinid taxonomy and biostratigraphy of the mid-latitude Dalan Basin, Zagros, Iran and their applications in paleoclimate dynamics and paleogeography
Vladimir I. Davydov and Sakineh Arefifard

67-94 The eastern Mediterranean phosphorite giants: An interplay between tectonics and upwelling
Abdulkader M. Abed

99-136 Development of fault and vein networks in a carbonate sequence near Hayl al-Shaz, Oman Mountains
Simon Virgo, Max Arndt, Zoé Sobisch and Janos L. Urai

141-176 Salt intrusions in Jabal Qumayrah, northern Oman Mountains: Implications from structural and gravity investigations
David J.W. Cooper, Mohammed Y. Ali, Michael P. Searle and Ali I. Al-Lazki

179-255 Fourth Arabian Plate Geology Workshop Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Evaporite-Siliciclastic Systems of the Arabian Plate

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Number 3

17-60 Palynology and alluvial architecture in the Permian Umm Irna Formation, Dead Sea, Jordan
Michael H. Stephenson and John H. Powell

65-82 Carbon-isotope signatures of Albian to Cenomanian (Cretaceous) shelf carbonates of the Natih Formation, Sultanate of Oman
Volker C. Vahrenkamp

Permian–Triassic Transition and the Saiq/Mahil Boundary in the Oman Mountains: Proposed correction for lithostratigraphic nomenclature

Aymon Baud and Sylvain Richoz

Chrono- and sequence-stratigraphy of the Mid-Permian to Early Triassic Khuff sequences of the Arabian Plate

Moujahed I. Al-Husseini and Bastian Koehrer

135-178 Mid-Permian Khuff Sequence KS6: Paleorelief-influenced facies and sequence patterns in the Lower Khuff time-equivalent strata, Oman Mountains, Sultanate of Oman
Daniel Bendias, Bastian Koehrer, Michael Obermaier and Thomas Aigner

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Number 4

17-44 High-resolution anatomy of a grainstone package in Khuff Sequence KS4, Oman Mountains, Sultanate of Oman
Marlene Maria-Louise Haase and Thomas Aigner

49-80 Evolution, paleoecology and sequence architecture of an Eocene carbonate ramp, southeast Zagros Basin, Iran
Afshin Zohdi, Reza Mousavi-Harami, Seyed Ali Moallemi, Asadollah Mahboubi
and Adrian Immenhauser

85-132 Stratigraphic control of the Aptian–Early Turonian sequences of the Levant Platform, Coastal Range, northwest Syria
Hussam Ghanem and Jochen Kuss

137-174 Age and paleoenvironment of the Nukhul Formation, Gulf of Suez, Egypt: Insights from palynology, palynofaciesand organic geochemistry
Haytham El Atfy, Rainer Brocke and Dieter Uhl

179-218 Khuff Sequence KS5 outcrop-equivalents in the Oman Mountains, Sultanate of Oman: Variations to the simple “layer-cake„ stratigraphy
Lisa Walz, Thomas Aigner and Bastian Koehrer

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