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Number 1

17-42 Structural architecture of a thin-skinned imbricate fan: Evidence from Mesozoic deepwater sediments in the Jabal Wahrah area of the central Oman Mountains
David J.W. Cooper

47-64 Organic geochemical characteristics and depositional environments of the Jurassic shales in the Masila Basin of Eastern Yemen
Mohammed H. Hakimi, Wan H. Abdullah and Mohamed R. Shalaby

69-108 Seal turns into reservoir: Sudair equivalents in outcrops, Al Jabal al-Akhdar, Sultanate of Oman
Michael C. Pöppelreiter, Christoph J. Schneider, Michael Obermaier,
Holger C. Forke, Bastian Koehrer and Thomas Aigner

113-134 Early – Middle Miocene Suez Syn-rift-Basin, Egypt: A sequence stratigraphy framework
Abdulkader Youssef

139-142 Comments on: “New age of the lower part of the Kuhlan Formation, Northwest Yemen” by M.H. Stephenson and S.Z.A.K. Al-Mashaikie (GeoArabia, 2010, v. 15, no. 2, p. 161-170)
Mohammed Al-Wosabi

151-203 GEO 2010 Abstracts, Part I

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Number 2

17-42 2-D Basin modeling study of petroleum systems in the Levantine Basin, Eastern Mediterranean
Lisa Marlow, Kristijan Kornpihl and Christopher G. St. C. Kendall

47-84 Sedimentological evidence for bottom-water oxygenation during deposition of the Natih-B Member intrashelf-basinal sediments: Upper Cretaceous carbonate source rock, Natih Formation, North Sultanate of Oman
Said A.K. Al Balushi and Joe H.S. Macquaker

89-106 Seismic modelling of a fractured carbonate reservoir in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Mohammed Y. Ali and Michael H. Worthington

111-108 Diagenesis and fluid system evolution in the northern Oman Mountains, United Arab Emirates: Implications for petroleum exploration
Liesbeth Breesch, Rudy Swennen, Ben Dewever,François Roure
and Benoit Vincent

153-222 GEO 2010 Abstracts, Part II

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Number 3

17-26 Decastroia razini n. gen. n. sp. – A new alveolinacean (foraminifera) from the Cenomanian of Socotra Island (Yemen)
Vicent Vicedo and Josep Serra-Kiel

31-64 Heavy mineral stratigraphy of Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sandstones of southwestern Sinai, Egypt: A reassessment
Robert W.O´B. Knox, Mamdouh F. Soliman and Mahmoud A. Essa

69-90 MIDDLE EAST GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE 2011: Late Ediacaran to early Cambrian (Infracambrian)Jibalah Group of Saudi Arabia
Moujahed Al-Husseini

95-124 Regional seismic interpretation of the hydrocarbon prospectivity of offshore Syria
Steven A. Bowman

129-192 Tournaisian (Mississippian) brachiopods from the Mobarak Formation, North Iran
Maryamnaz Bahrammanesh, Lucia Angiolini, Anselmo Alessandro Antonelli,
Babak Aghababalou and Maurizio Gaetani

197-238 GEO 2010 Abstracts, Part III

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Number 4

17-24 Stratigraphic Note: Update on the palynology of the Akbarah and Kuhlan formations, northwest Yemen
Mike H. Stephenson and Sa´ad Zeki A. Kader Al-Mashaikie

29-82 Evolution of Cretaceous to Eocene alluvial and carbonate platform sequences in central and south Jordan
John H. Powell and Basem K. Moh´d

87-122 Toarcian and Bajocian ammonites from the Haushi-Huqf Massif of southwestern Oman and the Hawasina Nappes of the Oman Mountains: Implications for paleoecology and paleobiogeography
Raymond Énay

127-152 Sedimentary facies and trilobite and conodont faunas of the Ordovician Rann Formation, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Richard A. Fortey, Alan P. Heward and C. Giles Miller

157-181 GEO 2010 Abstracts, Part IV

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