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Number 1

17-32 Fault growth and coalescence: insights from numerical modelling and sandbox experiments
Jacek B. Filbrandt, Pascal D. Richard and Raymond Franssen

37-58 Methanogenesis during Shu’aiba diagenesis: examples from Al Shaheen Field, Block 5, offshore Qatar
Madeleine J. Raven and Tony Dickson

63-130 Paleozoic stratigraphic lexicon and hydrocarbon habitat of Iraq
Aboosh H. Al-Hadidy

135-203 GEO 2006 selected GeoTechnology abstracts (part I)
7th Middle East Geosciences exhibition and conference

27-29 March 2006, Kingdom of Bahrain

205-210 On the Ordovician Period and Quaternary Sub-Era
Felix M. Gradstein and Stan Finney

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Number 2

15-36 Key elements to clarify the 110 million year hiatus in the Mesozoic of eastern Syria
Cécile Caron and Mikhail Mouty

41-64 Controls on diagenesis of the Triassic Kurrachine Dolomite, Syria
Kinga Hips and Gizella B. Árgyelán

69-94 Iran’s crude oil reserves and production
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini

99-130 Structural geometry, style and timing of deformation in the Hawasina Window, Al Jabal al Akhdar and Saih Hatat culminations, Oman Mountains
Michael P. Searle

135-176 Mid-Turonian–early Campanian sequence stratigraphy of northeast Iraq
Sabah Noori Saleem Haddad and Mumtaz Ahmed Ameen

179-223 GEO 2006 selected Geological abstracts (part II)
7th Middle East Geosciences exhibition and conference, 27-29 March 2006, Kingdom of Bahrain

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Number 3

15-30 Characterization and significance of dedolomite in Wadi Nisah, central Saudi Arabia
Dave L. Cantrell, Abdullah Al-Khammash and Peter D. Jenden

35-56 Review of Middle East Paleozoic plate tectonics
Dmitry A. Ruban, Moujahed I. Al-Husseini and Yumiko Iwasaki

61-76 Strontium (87Sr/86Sr) and calcium isotope ratios (44Ca/40Ca-44Ca/42Ca) of the Miocene Dam Formation in Qatar: tools for stratigraphic correlation and environment analysis
Harald G. Dill and Friedhelm Henjes-Kunst

81-94 High-resolution seismic imaging of a deep gas reservoir from azimuthal offset VSP, Saudi Arabia
John C. Owusu and Edgardo L. Nebrija

99-124 Hydrocarbon plays and prospectivity of the Levantine Basin, offshore Lebanon and Syria from modern seismic data
Glyn Roberts and David Peace

127-164 GEO 2006 selected exploration and reservoir characterization
abstracts (part III)
7th Middle East Geosciences Exhibition and Conference, 27-29 March 2006, Kingdom of Bahrain

167-169 Palaeozoic Palynology of the Arabian Plate and adjacent areas abstracts
Edited by Florentin Paris, Bernard Owens and Merrell A. Miller

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Number 4

15-36 Early Silurian (Llandovery) graptolites from central Saudi Arabia: First documented record of Telychian faunas from the Arabian Peninsula
Jan Zalasiewicz, Mark Williams, Merrell Miller, Alex Page and Edward Blackett

41-60 Microfacies and sedimentary environments of the late Oligocene-early Miocene Qom Formation of the Gooreh Berenji region (Jandaq area, central Iran)
Alireza Shakeri, Jalal Douraghinejad and Meheran Moradpour

65-96 Stratigraphic evolution of heavy-mineral provenance signatures in the sandstones of the Wajid Group (Cambrian to Permian), southwestern Saudi Arabia
Robert W. O’B. Knox, Stephen G. Franks and Joshua D. Cocker

101-130 Arabian Plate sequence stratigraphy: Potential implications for global chronostratigraphy
Michael D. Simmons, Peter R. Sharland, David M. Casey, Roger B. Davies and Owen E. Sutcliffe

135-152 First Arabian Plate geology workshop abstracts
Regional depositional history, ­stratigraphy and palaeogeography of the Shu’aiba.
12–15 January 2008, Muscat (Oman)

157-164 Letters to the Editor: Review of Middle East Paleozoic Plate Tectonics
D.A. Ruban, M.I. Al-Husseini and Y. Iwasaki (GeoArabia, 2007, v. 12, no. 3, p. 35-56)

167-170 Stratigraphic note: Revised ages (Ma) of Arabian Plate maximum flooding surfaces
Moujahed Al-Husseini

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