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Number 1

17-44 Seismic forward model of a Natih Formation outcrop: the Adam Foothills Transect (northern Oman)
Anne M. Schwab, Peter W. Homewood, Frans S.P. van Buchem and Philippe Razin

49-92 Significant new biostratigraphic horizons in the Qusaiba Member of the Silurian Qalibah Formation of central Saudi Arabia, and their sedimentologic expression in a sequence stratigraphic context
Merrell A. Miller and John Melvin

97-124 Preferential deposition and preservation of structurally-controlled synrift reservoirs: Northeast Red Sea and Gulf of Suez
Stephen R. Polis, Michael T. Angelich, Charles R. Beeman, William B. Maze, David J. Reynolds, David M. Steinhauff, Andrei Tudoran, and Mark V. Wood

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Number 2

17-34 Two distinct glacial successions in the Neoproterozoic of Oman
Erwan Le Guerroué, Philip Allen and Andrea Cozzi

39-84 Generation, migration, accumulation, and dissipation of oil in Northern Iraq
H.V. Dunnington (AAPG Reprint)

89-122 Stratigraphy and sedimentology of a chert reservoir at the Precambrian-Cambrian Boundary: the Al Shomou Silicilyte, South Oman Salt Basin
Joachim E. Amthor, Karl Ramseyer, Tom Faulkner and Peter Lucas

127-160 Phanerozoic cycles of sea-level change on the Arabian Platform
Bilal U. Haq and Abdul Motaleb Al-Qahtani
(with 2 charts)

165-184 Arabian Orbital Stratigraphy: Periodic Second-Order Sequence Boundaries?
Moujahed Al-Husseini and Robley K. Matthews

189-192 Tectono-Stratigraphic Note: Time calibration of late Carboniferous, Permian and Early Triassic Arabian stratigraphy to orbital-forcing predictions
Moujahed Al-Husseini and Robley K. Matthews

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Number 3

17-44 Combining high-resolution sequence stratigraphy and mechanical stratigraphy for improved reservoir characterisation in the Fahud field of Oman
Elena Morettini, Anthony Thompson, Gregor Eberli, Keith Rawnsley, Roeland Roeterdink, Wenche Asyee, Peter Christman, Tony Cortis, Karen Foster, Vic Hitchings, Wilhelm Kolkman and Jan Henk van Konijnenburg

49-126 Lithostratigraphy of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea
Geraint Wyn ap Gwilym Hughes and Robert S. Johnson

131-168 Paleozoic petroleum systems of Saudi Arabia: a basin modeling approach
Mahdi Abu-Ali and Ralf Littke

173-176 Stratigraphic Note: Orbital-forcing calibration of the Late Cretaceous and Paleocene Aruma Formation, Saudi Arabia
Moujahed Al-Husseini and Robley K. Matthews

193-194 Letter to the Editor
Ghaida Al-Sahlan

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Number 4

17-34 Organic matter identification in source and reservoir carbonate in the Lower Cretaceous Mauddud Formation in Kuwait
Fowzia H. Abdullah, Bernard Carpentier, Isabelle Kowalewski, Frans van Buchem and Alain-Yves Huc

39-72 Exploration history of the Ara intrasalt carbonate stringers in the South Oman Salt Basin
Hisham A. Al-Siyabi

77-134 The Permian-Triassic Khuff Formation of central Saudi Arabia
Denis Vaslet, Yves-Michel Le Nindre, Daniel Vachard, Jean Broutin, Sylvie Crasquin-Soleau, Martine Berthelin, Jérémie Gaillot, Mohammed Halawani and Moujahed Al-Husseini

137-186 Foraminifers and algae from the Khuff Formation (late Middle Permian-Early Triassic) of central Saudi Arabia
Daniel Vachard, Jérémie Gaillot, Denis Vaslet and Yves-Michel Le Nindre

191-198 Comment on “Aptian faulting in the Haushi-Huqf (Oman) and the tectonic evolution of the southeast Arabian platform-margin” (GeoArabia, 2003, v. 8, no. 4, p. 643-662) by C. Montenat, P. Barrier and H.J. Soudet
Marc Fournier, Philippe Razin, Olivier Fabbri and Jean-Paul Breton

203-207 Reply to “Comment on Eoalpine (Cretaceous) evolution of the Oman Tethyan continental margin: insights from a structural field study in Jabal Akhdar (Oman Mountains) by J.P. Breton et al.” (GeoArabia, 2004, v. 9, no. 2, p. 41-58) by D.R. Gray and R.T. Gregory (GeoArabia, 2004, v. 9, no. 4, p. 143-147)
Jean-Paul Breton, François Béchennec, Sylvain Richoz, Laure Moen-Maurel and Philippe Razin

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