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Number 1

6-27 New Insights into Regional Correlation and Sedimentology, Arab Formation (Upper Jurassic), Offshore Abu Dhabi.
Mohammed S. Al Silwadi (ADNOC), Anthony Kirkham (ADCO), Michael D. Simmons (University of Aberdeen) and Bryan N. Twombley (Ditton Petrographic)

28-51 The Tectonic Evolution of Interior Oman.
Ramon J.H. Loosveld, Andy Bell and Jos J.M. Terken (PDO)
See Erratum: vol. 1, no. 2, p. 367.

52-63 Stratigraphic Interpretation of Magnetotelluric Data in Central Saudi Arabia.
Ian C.F. Stewart, Thomas C. Connally (Saudi Aramco) and Jeffrey H. Copley (Zephyr Geophysical)

65-91 High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the Natih Formation (Cenomanian/Turonian) in Northern Oman: Distribution of Source Rocks and Reservoir Facies.
Frans S.P. van Buchem, Rémi Eschard, Guy M.J. Desaubliaux (IFP), Philippe Razin, Jean-Pierre Platel (BRGM), Jack Roger, Peter W. Homewood, Thierry Boisseau, Jean-Pierre Leduc, Richard Labourdette, Solange Cantaloube (Elf Aquitaine), Jean M. Philip (Université de Provence) and Gregor P. Eberli (University of Miami)

95-213 GEO’96 Conference Abstracts

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Number 2

239-266 Structural Elements of Onshore Kuwait.
George J. Carman (KOC)

267-284 Geostatistical Model for the Arab-D Reservoir, North 'Ain Dar Pilot, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia: An Improved Reservoir Simulation Model.
John L. Douglas and Members of the 'Ain Dar/Shedgum Modeling Team (Saudi Aramco)

285-296 Advanced Seismic Data Interpretation for Carbonate Targets Based on Optimized Processing Techniques.
Klaus C. Fischer, Ulrich Möller (Schlumberger-GeoQuest) and Roland Marschall (Schlumberger Geco-Prakla)

299-324 Geophysics in Oman.
Jaap Onderwaater, Jan Wams and Hans Potters (PDO)

325-342 The Tórtola Fluvial System: An Analogue for the Upper Gharif of the Sultanate of Oman.
Fernando P. Silva, António Costa e Silva (PARTEX-CPS), Allard W. Martinius and Koenraad J. Weber (Delft University of Technology)

343-358 Rift Basin Sequence Stratigraphy: Some Examples from the Gulf Of Suez.
William A. Wescott, William N. Krebs (Amoco E & P), John C. Dolson, Salah A. Karamat (GUPCO) and Dag Nummedal (Unocal Corporation)

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Number 3

389-404 Permo-Carboniferous Glaciogenic Al Khlata Formation, Oman: A New Hypothesis for Origin of its Glaciation.
Juma D. Al-Belushi (University of Aberdeen/PDO), Kenneth W. Glennie and Brian P.J.Williams (University of Aberdeen)

405-416 Targeting Infill Wells in the Densely Haactured Lekhwair Field, Oman.
Stuart K. Arnott and John N.M. van Wunnik (PDO)

417-434 A New Bioevent Stratigraphy of Late Jurassic Arab-D Carbonates of Saudi Arabia.
Geraint Wyn Hughes (Saudi Aramco)

435-456 Sequential Stratigraphy of Outcropping Strata Equivalent to Arab-D Reservoir, Wadi Nisah, Saudi Arabia.
Franz O. Meyer, Rex C. Price, Ibrahim A. Al-Ghamdi, Ibrahim M. Al-Goba, Saleh M. Al-Raimi and John C. Cole (Saudi Aramco)

457-470 Application of Neural Networks and Cokriging for Predicting Reservoir Porosity-Thickness.
Katsuhei Yoshioka, Nobusuke Shimada and Yoshiro Ishii (JNOC)

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Number 4

495-510 The Role of Hydrogeology in Petroleum Development Oman.
Mohamed S.S. Al Lamki and Jos J.M. Terken (PDO)

511-528 3-D Land Seismic Acquisition in Saudi Arabia.
Richard Hastings-James and Kamal M. Al-Yahya (Saudi Aramco)

531-550 Seismic-While-Drilling in Kuwait Results and Applications.
Osman S. Khaled, Alaa M. Al-Ateeqi (KOC), Andrew R. James and Richard J. Meehan (Schlumberger)

551-566 Fluid Saturation Predictions in a "Transition Zone" Carbonate Reservoir, Abu Dhabi.
Anthony Kirkham, Mohamed Bin Juma (ADCO), Tilden A.M. McKean, Anthony F. Palmer, Michael J. Smith, A. Huw Thomas (BP) and Bryan N. Twombley (Ditton Petrographic)

571-582 Through-Tubing Well Seismic: A Mast Campaign Across an Offshore Producing Field, Saudi Arabia - Kuwait Partitioned Neutral Zone.
Kaoru Yamaguchi (AOC) and Bernard G. Frignet (Schlumberger Middle East)

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