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Lexicon of Oman Subsurface StratigraphyThe Lexicon of Oman Subsurface Stratigraphy is a reference and practical, operational guide for all those involved with the subsurface geology of Oman. It will be equally at home surrounded by bags of wet ditch cuttings samples and binocular microscopes in the mudlogging unit of a drilling well or on the leather trimmed desk of a learned university professor. It provides a systematic overview of the current state of knowledge of the stratigraphy of Oman’s hydrocarbon basins. The Lexicon will help the wellsite geologist pick his formation tops, whilst for the production geologist or the explorationist it provides the geological context to review, correlate and understand their reservoir, seal or hydrocarbon system. Academics can use it as the starting point for their investigation of any aspect of the geology of Oman or indeed even the wider Arabian Plate. It provides a top to bottom review of the geology with brief insights into some of the major ongoing academic debates. Not all questions are answered, or even attempted to be answered but the reader will find directions to extensive reference material (there are 18 pages of references). Illustrations include almost 150 well panels together with lithologies, fossils
and location maps.

Following an introduction to each Group or Formation, each unit is described systematically including:

• Type and reference sections
• Lithology
• Subsurface recognition
• Boundaries
• Distribution
• Subdivision
• Deposition
• Age
• Biostratigraphy

G.A. Forbes, H.S.M. Jansen and J. Schreurs

ISBN 978-99901-10-56-2

Table of Contents

5 Foreword by H.E. the Minister of Oil and Gas
6 Authorship and Acknowledgements
7 Dedication

CHAPTER 1: Introduction
12 Introduction
13 Approach and Conventions
15 Tectono-stratigraphic Synopsis

CHAPTER 2: Surface Sediments
19 Surface Sediments

CHAPER 3: Fars Group
20 Fars Group
22 Dhulaima Formation
23 Taqa Formation

CHAPTER 4: Hadhramaut Group
26 Hadhramaut Group
28 Dammam Formation
29 Rus Formation
31 Umm Er Radhuma Formation

CHAPTER 5: Aruma Group
37 Aruma Group
39 Simsima Formation
42 Fiqa Formation

CHAPTER 6: Wasia Group
47 Wasia Group
49 Natih Formation
56 Nahr Umr Formation

CHAPTER 7: Kahmah Group
63 Kahmah Group
66 Shu’aiba Formation
73 Kharaib Formation
76 Lekhwair Formation
80 Habshan Formation
84 Salil Formation
86 Rayda Formation
87 Mesozoic Clastics Formation

CHAPTER 8: Sahtan Group
97 Sahtan Group
101 Jubaila Formation
104 Hanifa Formation
107 Tuwaiq Mountain Formation
108 Dhruma Formation
114 Mafraq Formation

CHAPTER 9: Akhdar Group
122 Akhdar Group
124 Minjur Formation
126 Jilh Formation
130 Sudair Formation
132 Khuff Formation

CHAPTER 10: Haushi Group
141 Haushi Group
143 Gharif Formation
156 Al Khlata Formation
164 P1 Rahab

CHAPTER 11: Misfar Group
166 Misfar Group

CHAPTER 12: Haima Supergroup – Safiq Group
171 Haima Supergroup
176 Safiq Group
179 Sahmah Formation
183 Hasirah Formation
189 Saih Nihayda Formation

CHAPTER 13: Andam Group
193 Andam Group
196 Ghudun Formation
203 Barakat Formation
208 Mabrouk Formation
213 Barik Formation
220 Al Bashair Formation

CHAPTER 14: Mahatta Humaid Group
227 Mahatta Humaid
229 Miqrat Formation
233 Mahwis Formation
241 Amin Formation

CHAPTER 15: Huqf Supergroup – Nimr Group
252 Huqf Supergroup
255 Nimr Group
261 Haradh Formation
267 Karim Formation

CHAPTER 16: Ara Group
274 Ara Group
281 Dhahaban Formation
284 Al Noor Formation
289 Athel Formation
294 Thuleilat Member
295 Al Shomou Member
299 Thamoud Member
300 U Formation
304 Birba Formation

CHAPTER 17: Nafun Group
312 Nafun Group
317 Buah Formation
322 Shuram Formation
327 Khufai Formation
330 Masirah Bay Formation
337 Hadash Formation

CHAPTER 18: Abu Mahara Group
339 Abu Mahara Group
344 Ghadir Manqil Formation

CHAPTER 19: Basement Group
350 Basement Group


1: Oman Subsurface Stratigraphy
2: (a) Oman Location and Structure Map; (b) Legend for Type and Reference Sections; (c) Oman Lithostratigraphy
3: CD

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