Kadar, A.P., T. De Keyser, N. Neog and K.A. Karam (with contributions from Y.M. Le Nindre and R.B. Davies) 2015. Calcareous nannofossil zonation and sequence stratigraphy of the Jurassic System, onshore Kuwait. GeoArabia, v. 20, no. 4, p. 125-180.


This paper presents the calcareous nannofossil zonation of the Middle and Upper Jurassic of onshore Kuwait and formalizes current stratigraphic nomenclature. It also interprets the positions of the Jurassic Arabian Plate maximum flooding surfaces (MFS J10 to J110 of Sharland et al., 2001) and sequence boundaries in Kuwait, and correlates them to those in central Saudi Arabia outcrops. This study integrates data from about 400 core samples from 11 wells representing a nearly complete Middle to Upper Jurassic stratigraphic succession. Forty-two nannofossil species were identified using optical microscope techniques. The assemblage contains Tethyan nannofossil markers, which allow application of the Jurassic Tethyan nannofossil biozones. Six zones and five subzones, ranging in age from Middle Aalenian to Kimmeridgian, are established using first and last occurrence events of diagnostic calcareous nannofossil species. A chronostratigraphy of the studied formations is presented, using the revised formal stratigraphic nomenclature.  The Marrat Formation is barren of nannofossils. Based on previous studies it is dated as Late Sinemurian–Early Aalenian and contains Middle Toarcian MFS J10. The overlying Dhruma Formation is Middle or Late Aalenian (Zone NJT 8c) or older, to Late Bajocian (Subzone NJT 10a), and contains Lower Bajocian MFS J20. The overlying Sargelu Formation consists of the Late Bajocian (Subzone NJT 10b) Sargelu-Dhruma Transition, and mostly barren Sargelu Limestone in which we place Lower Bathonian MFS J30 near its base. The lower part of the overlying Najmah Formation consists of the Najmah Shale, which is subdivided into three subunits: (1) barren Najmah-Sargelu Transition, (2) Late Bathonian to Middle Callovian (lower Zone NJT 12) Lower Najmah Shale, and (3) Middle Callovian to Middle Oxfordian (upper Zone NJT 12 to NJT 13b) Upper Najmah Shale. Middle Callovian MFS J40 and Middle Oxfordian MFS J50 are positioned near the base and top of the Upper Najmah Shale. The upper part of the Najmah Formation is represented by the Late Oxfordian (Subzone NJT 13b) Najmah Limestone, and is overlain by the Kimmeridgian (Zone NJT 14) Jubaila Formation. Early Kimmeridgian MFS J60 and Late Kimmeridgian MFS J70 are positioned near the base and top of the Jubaila Formation. The positions of Late Jurassic MFS J80, J90 and J100 are not constrained by our biostratigraphic data and are positioned in the Gotnia Formation. The Upper Tithonian MFS J110 and the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary are positioned in the Makhul Formation.

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Publication Year : 2015
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