Meister, C. and A. Piuz 2015. Cretaceous ammonites from the Sultanate of Oman (Adam Foothills). GeoArabia, v. 20, no. 2, p. 17-74.


Twenty taxa are described from the Cretaceous of Oman (Adam Foothills). The genera Puzosia, Placenticeras, Cunningtoniceras, Nigericeras, Metoicoceras, Rubroceras and Hoplitoides and the subgenus C. (Gentoniceras) are recorded for the fi rst time from the Arabian Peninsula. Based on the ammonite ranges, a sequence of nine bioevents of the Albian–Turonian is correlated within the zonation, and some markers allow correlations at a larger scale, at least along the southern Neo-Tethys margin. The ammonite data give new constraints for the correlations of the lithological units along the Adam Foothills West-East transect and they question the defi nition of the lithostratigraphic units within the Natih Formation, especially the Natih A and B members. From a paleogeographic point of view Oman is a landmark for the distribution of the ammonites between the western Neo-Tethys (Europe, North Africa, Middle East) and the eastern Neo-Tethys (Africa, Madagascar and India).

MEGREF : 16314
Publication Year : 2015
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