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GPL published GeoArabia Journal (volume 1 to 20) and the following publications below.

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1998: Middle East Geological Map Series (L. Christian)
2000: Stratigraphic Palynology of the Palaeozoic of Saudi Arabia (Eds. S. Al-Hajri and B. Owens)
2001: Arabian Plate Sequence Stratigraphy (P.R. Sharland, R. Archer, D.M. Casey, R.B. Davies, S.H. Hall, A.P. Heward, A.D. Horbury and M.D. Simmons)
2004: Carboniferous, Permian and Early Triassic Arabian Stratigraphy (Ed. M.I. Al-Husseini)
2005: The Desert of Southeast Arabia (K. Glennie)
2005: Stratigraphic Lexicon of Iraq (R.C. van Bellen, H.V. Dunnington, R. Wetzel, and D.M. Morton; 1959, reprinted by permission of CNRS)
2010: Barremian-Aptian Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Eastern Arabian Plate (Eds. F.S.P. van Buchem, M.I. Al-Husseini, F. Maurer and H.J. Droste)
2010: Lexicon of Oman Subsurface Stratigraphy (Eds. G.A. Forbes, H.S.M. Jansen and J. Schreurs)

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