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GeoArabia’s Volume 20 of 2015 will be the final one to be published by Bahrain-based Gulf PetroLink (GPL), a consultancy founded in 1993 to promote petroleum geosciences and technological exchange in the Middle East.

GeoArabia’s papers were welcomed from the GEO 1996 conference as well as other sources. In order to improve the presentation of graphical displays and the English technical narrative, GPL assembled a team of professional editors, assistant editors and designers to process the accepted papers. Accepted papers were edited and designed by GeoArabia’s team to a standard that is unmatched in scientific journals.

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Moujahed I. Al-Husseini
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, GeoArabia

Gulf PetroLink, Kingdom of Bahrain


Gulf PetroLink owns the copyright of the contents of GeoArabia, the Journal of Middle East Petroleum Geosciences, and its Special Publications that are available in this website or other websites, such as ResearchGate. These publications may be downloaded free of any charges by any party for non-commercial purposes. Unauthorized commercial use of these publicaton is strictly forbidden.

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